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Travel tips

Carinthia is the southernmost Austrian state with a lot of lakes sunken in an outstanding Alpine countryside contrasting with mild rolling land. Water in lakes is so crystal clear that meets the needs of strict rules for drinking water. Temperature of water in summer reaches up to 27-28 °C. The same for water in lake Keutschach which is approximately 1.6 km long, 1.1 km wide and in some places up to 15m deep.

Keutschach am See Keutschach am See Keutschach am See

Observation tower Pyramidenkogel (5 km)

70m tall wooden observation tower lies in 851 m height above sea level. Pyramidenkogel is situated on the southern side of Wörthersee and offers a beautiful view of the lake just near breathtaking Alpine mountain range. It is located in the Keutschach am See community area and walk from our house to the tower through modest landscape is really enjoyable.

Pyramidenkogel Pyramidenkogel Pyramidenkogel

Reifnitz (2 km)

Reifnitz is just 2 km from our house away. You can enjoy a wonderful boat-trip on the lake Wörthersee to Velden od to Klagenfurt. In Reifnitz takes every year in spring the international meeting of Volkswagen GTI-fans place.

Maria Wörth Maria Wörth Maria Wörth

Maria Wörth (5 km)

Village Maria Wörth is situated on the southern bank of Wörthersee penninsula, approximately 14 km west of Klagenfurt. We strongly reccommend a visit of this picturesque little town not only for its two small churches but for the atmosphere as well.

Maria Wörth Maria Wörth Maria Wörth

Velden am Wörthersee (12 km)

The small city Velden am Wörthersee is a popular tourist destination which is famous for 1980s well-known TV series. It is a popular place among Austrian high society where you can visit a casino, a port and walk on a local promenade.

Velden am Wörthersee Velden am Wörthersee Velden am Wörthersee

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (13 km)

Klagenfurt is the main and the biggest city of Carinthia state. It is a city full of sights and others interesting places and its history dates back to as far as 12th century. Famous and the most visited sight is a dragon on a local square.

Klagenfurt Planetarium (14 km)

For universe lovers it is a possibility how to spend a day in Klagenfurt.

Klagenfurt Minimundus (14 km)

Minimundus "a small world on Wörthersee" is a place full of fun, ralaxation, learning, interesting sights and unforgettable experiences. There are around 150 models of famous buildings, trains and ships which invite you for a miniature trip around the world.

National park Triglav in Slovenia (52 km)

In the north east part of Slovenia in Julian Alps there is the National park Triglav which is the only national park in the country. Incredibly beautiful countryside is ideal for tourists who enjoy breathtaking views.